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The Benefits of Using Industrial Towels

Did you know? Your facility’s cleanliness is directly related to product efficiency, machine performance, shop floor safety issues, and finished product quality.[1]

In industrial and manufacturing workplaces, proper safety precautions are critically important to protect the health and wellbeing of employees. Promoting safety in the workplace also helps contribute to the productivity of manufacturing processes.[2] Employees should be provided with protective gear and thoroughly educated on proper safety protocols. However, the right tools and equipment must also be accessible to complete each job responsibly. This includes the type of towels used to clean grease, oil, and dirt throughout the manufacturing process.

Scrap and laundered towels used in industrial settings have been found to contain various harmful substances such as sharp debris and heavy metals. Regardless of whether or not workers are aware of their exposure to these substances, contact to such heavy metals can exceed health-based limits set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.[3]

The Problem

Using scrap rags to wipe down industrial equipment may appear as a solution that helps reduce waste, but using these type of rags can also compromise employee health, machinery, and the integrity of the manufacturing process. Scrap rags can catch debris from previous use or storage. This debris could include pieces of metal shavings and pins, which could harm the employee using the rag. It can also cause defects in the product or service your business provides by releasing the debris or causing scratches on surfaces, including your machinery.

Laundered shop rags can also pose threat to workers because of their high level of heavy metal contaminants. Workers’ health and wellbeing may be compromised if they are cleaning with these types of towels. Touching the face after handling a towel containing harmful heavy metals can put the user at serious health risk. It can also be costly to launder shop rags, and may increase the risk of external contaminants or debris returning to your business. Similarly, paper towels are a costly wiping tool that are inefficient due to their lack of durability, absorbency, and failure to cut through grease and grime effectively.

The Solution

Businesses can help reduce the risk of harm or damage while also improving cleanliness by implementing Chicopee’s wide range of single-use towels. These towels are specifically designed for the toughest industrial jobs. The DuraWipe® product range is engineered specifically to deliver the strength and efficiency you need to handle dirt, grease, and oil pickup in your business. Spinlace® technology, an advanced hydro-entangling process used in heavy-, medium-, and light-duty wipers, provides improved performance with a drapable cloth-like feel, while offering super absorbency and solvent compatibility. These high-performing industrial solutions additionally help to support sustainable water and energy usage in the workplace as well as promote lean manufacturing processes.

The Result

Ditch dangerous scrap rags to protect your business, employees, and customers from dangerous debris and inefficient cleaning. DuraWipe® industrial wipers promote your safety by providing a clean wiper every time that is strong enough for your toughest tasks and gentle enough for your hands and face. With Chicopee’s wide range of convenient put ups, your business can provide the right wipers for each job where and when you need them.




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