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Pass food safety tests with flying colours

You’re in the middle of a busy service period. The kitchen is working at full speed. Orders are flying in: meals are being plated and served just as quickly. There’s no time to stop for a breather when the kitchen is this busy.

The last thing that’s needed in this scene is confusion. That’s why every good food establishment has a system that works quickly and efficiently. From order to service, the kitchen should have a smooth process for producing delicious food with time, quality, hygiene and safety in mind.

That’s why colour coding food preparation processes is such a great way to avoid confusion and ensure food safety.

Many establishments are seeing the benefit of this simple, practical way of ensuring food safety and hygiene. With cross-contamination being an important issue for kitchens, a clear colour coding system is such a simple way to avoid food safety compromises.

Advice from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in the UK ( outlines this practical approach to food safety.

The advice notes that kitchens can apply a colour scheme across clothing and utensils to make it clear to all staff what equipment to use to prepare each type of foodstuff.

For instance, if everybody in the kitchen knows that raw poultry is cut with a red knife, on a red board, by someone with red gloves, protective clothing and cloth, there’s no confusion.

It’s a great visual aid to maintain food safety and hygiene. And you can get back to concentrating on service, with no distractions.