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Make your kitchen green

Sustainability can be an important selling point for your restaurant. The market for food outlets can be crowded and competitive – and establishing a unique selling point can be the difference between success and failure.

But the flipside to boasting about eco-friendliness is the need to deliver on your claims. Greenwashing – exaggerating your business’s sustainability – can be even more damaging than not applying eco-friendly measures.

So what does this mean for your kitchen? Well, a good place to start with establishing your eco-friendliness is actually in cleaning. If you can replace your cleaning products with new, sustainable alternatives then your kitchen could become an important part of your eco-friendly business.

Of course you won’t want to do that unless you can be assured the hygiene of your kitchen won’t be compromised by underperforming alternatives.

This is where so much progress has been made in recent years. With many companies working on alternative products, your food service business can make green cleaning part of its eco-friendly operations.

It’s important to make sure your supplies are approved for both product performance and environmental credentials – like the J-Cloth 3000 (, which received the Innovation Trophy for best product during the 2011 Europropre exhibition for its combination of biodegradability, compostability and food contact clearance.

If you’re going to be an eco-friendly food outlet, make sure you know how to deliver on your green promises.