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J-Cloth®3000 Top Product of 2011! The Greenest Clean Available

Chicopee’s J-Cloth® 3000 is setting a new standard in industrial cleaning. The first fully biodegradable, compostable cleaning wipe, this unique product combines strength, absorption and unsurpassed sustainability.

In addition to its listing as one of Tomorrow’s Cleaning Journal’s Top Products of 2011, the J-Cloth® 3000 was also awarded the Innovation Trophy for Best Product at the Europropre exhibition. The DIN-Certco seedling logo and Food Contact Clearance are further evidence that the J-Cloth® 3000 combines effective, hygienic cleaning with ultimate environmental friendliness. No other product can match it.

But Chicopee doesn’t give up the clean to give you the green. The J-Cloth® 3000 is every bit as durable and hygienic as Chicopee’s other renowned cleaning wipes. Its open-weave structure picks up more dirt and rinses more effectively than other wipes, ensuring long-lasting, effective cleaning power.

Available in five colours, the J-Cloth® 3000 also supports HACCP regulations for prevention of cross-contamination through colour-coding. It provides reliable, safe cleaning, use after use, and then will biodegrade and leave no trace behind.

Professional cleaning is all about effective, hygienic practices and products. The J-Cloth® 3000 combines these standards with a biodegradable, compostable product that is the leader in sustainable cleaning wipes. It’s simply the greenest clean available.