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A step back is a step forward: thinking about food safety

The world of food and drinks products and services moves quickly. Similarly, so does the world of food hygiene – which makes opportunities to see the latest product developments first-hand vital.

Taking time away from your business can be difficult to justify in most fields, particularly in the fast-paced foodservice industry. Yet industry events can provide an opportunity to get some invaluable perspective on products, trends and best practice approaches.

When it comes to food safety and hygiene, it’s important to spend time reflecting on your internal operations and processes, to identify areas of improvement. However it’s also crucial that your business doesn’t become too introspective. Some of the best suggestions for better food safety and hygiene practice will come from outside your own business.

On 25-27 March food hygiene firms will join food and drink businesses at the Food & Drink Expo ( at the Birmingham NEC, the UK’s largest food and drink trade show of the year.

For those in the foodservice business, the UK Food & Drink Expo is a great chance to see the latest products, meet with others in the industry, and stay ahead of the latest developments in food hygiene and safety.

For instance, Chicopee will be presenting the J Cloth 3000, the first certified compostable wipe that is available in five colours. The biodegradable, compostable wipe is designed to meet both hygiene and sustainability standards for foodservice companies.

Time is a precious commodity for foodservice businesses. You want to run a respected, efficient and hygienic kitchen serving high-quality food. Naturally, your instinct tells you to get more involved and work harder on every aspect to improve it.

From a food safety perspective, however, taking a step back and getting some perspective can sometimes offer the best opportunities to understand how you can improve. In this respect, industry events – with their mix of comprehensive information on new products and trends – provide a perfect dose of perspective.