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The new face of

Chicopee’s European website, , has gotten a fresh new look. Based on customer feedback, the site has been reorganised and refreshed to be more user-friendly and more attractive than ever before. New features will help us gain more attention and recognition, too.

Getting organised

The new website was designed for ultimate user-friendliness, and product segments have been reorganised to ensure that users get the information they want, when they need it. Huib Kamps, Marketing Manager, explains. ‘Our customers told us that they wanted more clarity about our product segments and the options for each product,’ he says. ‘The new site ensures that they’ll get it.’

Product segments are represented on the home page with bold new icons, so that visitors know exactly where they need to go to get the products they want. Products within each segment are logically organised and contain the same, reliable information our customers have come to expect.

New features, more connections

The new site also contains exciting features we’ve never had before. A Food & Service blog will offer tips and advice about food safety and hygiene, to further our reputation as an expert in safe, hygienic clean-ups. Connections to social media will allow visitors to ‘share’ our products, follow our progress, and stay connected. What’s more, the Distribution Network icon connects us directly with our global sales force.

‘We’re extremely pleased with the new site,’ Huib says. ‘We’ve been able to address our customers’ needs, and, at the same time, bring a fresh, new look and helpful new features to the site. We’ll be able to make better connections to our visitors than ever before.’

Visit today and see the improvements for yourself!