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Chicopee Receives Special Customs Certification

Chicopee customers have another reason to rely on our products. Recently, Chicopee was recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The AEO certification acknowledges Chicopee’s consistent and outstanding operations, both in international shipping and company security.

Due to enormous increases in international shipping, and the anticipated growth of cross-border shipping in the future, both the European community and the United States have established standards for prioritizing and expediting the shipping process for organizations that fulfill certain safety criteria. Nearly 70 countries around the world are adopting, or preparing to adopt, these standards.

Companies with AEO (EC) or C-TPAT (US) certification are subjected to fewer security checks, speedier priority processing and greater predictability in international shipments throughout the world. Chicopee’s AEO certification acknowledges not only our excellent shipping performance and customs compliance, but also our overall security and financial stability, as well.

Clear advantages

With the certification, international shipments will encounter fewer delays when clearing customs, and will undergo fewer random inspections, thereby reducing costs. In addition, our AEO status allows for priority processing in busy ports.

‘Our AEO certification is a great honor for Chicopee, and also a real advantage for our customers,’ says Pieter Thomassen, Supply Chain Manager. ‘Our customers will receive their shipments faster and easier, without delays in the port of entry, and will encounter fewer random inspections. It’s even more proof that Chicopee is a trusted and reliable business partner.’

The right time

The process to obtain certification began more than a year ago. ‘We already had a good relationship with customs authorities in the Netherlands, and wanted to take full advantage of that status,’ says Mathieu Swartjes, Warehouse Manager. ‘In addition, as Dutch harbors are expected to triple their number of incoming shipments in the coming few years, we want to make sure that our shipments take top priority and don’t encounter long delays in customs.’

Mathieu, Pieter and the rest of the Chicopee team spent months analyzing and improving security, customs procedures and other business practices in order to fully conform to AEO standards. In August the certification became official.