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Calum Richardson, Bay Fish & Chips

Ethical Edibles

Calum and Lindsey Richardson have more than 30 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry. So when the husband-and-wife team opened The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven, Scotland, in 2006, they knew that success was about more than just great food.

‘It’s important to us to use sustainable products and support the local economy,’ Calum explains. ‘We use only renewable and compostable packaging and pay attention to the environmental effects of everything we do. We strive to train our staff and educate our customers on the ways to combine excellent food with sustainable practices.’

And Calums’ recipe for success is certainly paying off. The Bay was recently recognized as Scotland’s ‘Number 1 Chip Shop’ in the national Fish & Chip Awards.

Sustainable success

In the six years The Bay has been open, Calum and Lindsay have won no less than 20 awards and recognitions – not only for having the best fish & chips in town, but also for their sustainable and carbon neutral business habits.

‘We do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint,’ Calum says. ‘We find ways to reduce our waste and conserve time, energy and costs, all at the same time. Chicopee’s products are making that easier than ever before.’

Clean and green

As one might imagine, cleaning up a Fish & Chips shop presents some interesting challenges. Especially because Calum uses no chemicals or harsh detergents. When it comes to cleaning up the grease, Chicopee’s cleaning cloths and some all-natural cleaner are all he needs.

‘We use the J-Cloth® 3000 to clean all the surfaces in the restaurant,’ he says. ‘The cloth is strong, absorbent and really gets the job done well. There’s no risk of food contamination and the results are fantastic. And the best part is, at the end of the day, we can add the J-Cloth®3000 to our compost pile.’

For the tough fish pots and fryers, Calum relies on the strength and absorbency of the Lavette Super. ‘What’s remarkable about that cloth is that it soaks up all the grease and gets the pots really clean, but it rinses completely clean in seconds. We can use a single Lavette Super up to 25 days in a row, and still get great cleaning results. And, it air-dries so quickly, I don’t have to run the tumble-dryer after the cloths have been washed. Another great energy-saver.’

True test

But no amount of ‘green’ can substitute for a good, healthy clean. ‘A lot of products claim to be sustainable or ethical, but they simply don’t do the job they’re supposed to. You end up paying a lot of money for a useless product,’ Calum explains. ‘With the Chicopee products, we’re getting real quality products that are efficient, effective and sustainable. It’s an irreplaceable part of our cleaning assortment.’

The Lavette Super’s amazing heat resistance is another quality Calum appreciates. ‘After draining out all the hot oil, we can get right to work with cleaning the pots,’ Calum explains. ‘Other cloths absolutely cannot handle the heat of the pots as well as the Lavette Super can. That’s the main reason we started using it. It saves us time, and saves our fingers.’

When it comes to effective and sustainable food preparation, The Bay Fish & Chips and Chicopee form the perfect team.

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