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J-Cloth 3000 Tomorrow’s Cleaning’s Top Products of 2012

For the second year in a row, the J-Cloth 3000 has been selected as one of Tomorrow’s Cleaning’s Top Products of 2012. According to Tomorrow’s Cleaning, the J-Cloth 3000 is ‘setting a new standard in industrial cleaning’.

Of course, it’s the fact that the cloth is biodegradable and fully compostable that makes it so exciting. But no matter how green the J-Cloth 3000 is, it never sacrifices the clean. This tough, durable wipe is strong, hygienic, and available in five colours to comply with HACCP regulations for the prevention of cross-contamination. It provides safe, reliable cleaning, use after use, then biodegrades and leaves no trace behind.

‘It’s no surprise that the J-Cloth 3000 continues to attract interest and excitement,’ says John Whalley, Business Development Manager UK. ‘It remains a unique product on the market and stands alone in the industry for its strength and durability, combined with its biodegradability and the fact that it can be completely composted.’

The future is today

But just because the J-Cloth 3000 has been heralded as a top product for two years in a row doesn’t mean that Chicopee has stopped innovating with it. On the contrary, this revolutionary product continues to open up new doors. John and the UK team are exploring new and innovative ways to utilise the amazingly properties of the J-Cloth 3000, both inside and outside the food industry.

The cloth’s strength, durability and green qualities make it an essential tool in any kitchen that employs Fair Trade and environmentally friendly practises. But the future of the J-Cloth extends much further.

  • Rolling forward: A new version of the J-Cloth 3000, in handy roll format, is now available. That means the greenest clean available, in the size and quantity needed for any cleanup job.
  • Thinking bigger: Perhaps the most exciting and revolutionary development in the J-Cloth 3000 world is the exploration of its use in markets such as agriculture, hydroponics, and industrial filtration. And we’re not talking about cleaning up in those industries, but about using the J-Cloth as a compostable filtration substrate! Business Development teams are in talks with major industrial companies to find out the ways to bring this revolutionary material to evolutionary new heights.

A taste for more

Congratulations to the J-Cloth 3000 for impressing the experts at Tomorrow’s Cleaning for the second year in a row, and for continuing to lead the industry in better, stronger, greener cleaning. This amazing cloth not only sets the standard by which all other cloths are measured, but surpasses all imitators in strength, durability, design, hygiene, and biodegradability.