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Lavette Super

The Cleanest Clean

In the world of food preparation, hygiene is a top priority. Unhygienic conditions can not only affect the taste and presentation of food, but can also cause serious health and safety risks. That’s why the experts at Chicopee are focusing on hygiene, so you can focus on food.

All-time champion

Like many of Chicopee’s award-winning products, the Lavette Super wipe was designed for professional chefs, in professional kitchens. The wipe combines the ultimate hygienic result, unmatched cleaning power and incredible usability with the strength and durability that’s needed in high-traffic environments.

In short, this is the ultimate wipe for discerning chefs.

Unmatched cleaning

This heavy-duty, multi-purpose wipe uses a unique open structure to allow for superior dirt pick-up and efficient absorption. Its unique composition dries quickly and prevents bacterial growth. It’s larger size makes it particularly effective in industrial environments. Compatible with any cleaning products, the Lavette Super rinses thoroughly and can be used over and over again, making it as economical as it is efficient.

What’s more, The Lavette Super is available in a variety of colours, to comply with HACCP safety standards, and making cross-contamination a near impossibility. The wipe is also Food Contact Clearance (FCC) certified, meaning even if the cloth comes into direct or indirect contact with food, there is no health or safety risk of any kind.

In food preparation, the rule is, ‘the cleaner, the better’. With Lavette Super, it’s the cleanest clean possible.