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Europropre Exhibition

Chicopee at Europropre

From April 16-18, Chicopee will participate in an important and prestigious trade show in Paris. The Europropre Multiservices Expo 2013. The expo brings together all facets of the cleaning world – from distributors to cleaning companies to local authorities and end users. It highlights the most innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning products in the world.

It’s no wonder, then, that Chicopee has taken part in the event for more than 20 years, since innovation and environmental awareness are the cornerstones of our business. Two years ago, Chicopee’s amazing J-Cloth 3000 was even honoured with Europropre’s coveted Prix de l’Innovation – the prize for the year’s most innovative cleaning product.

Right on target According to Christian Briday, Chicopee’s French Sales Director, more than 200 exhibitors will display their products at the expo this year. It is expected that 12,000 visitors from at least 39 countries will attend the fair, and experience the very best of what the cleaning world has to offer. Participants who are active in the food service, hospitality, medical and cleaning industries will take part in the event, both as exhibitors and as visitors.

Chicopee will have the opportunity to not only present their innovative products to large distributors, but also to the important end-users of our products. The expo provides the opportunity to reach our target audiences at all levels of the industry.

Product perfection For Chicopee, that means presenting our global range of multi-purpose wipes, including the industry-leading J-Cloth®3000. The range is known for its versatility, strength, durability and effective cleaning power in any environment: restaurant, hotel, hospital or school. The multi-purpose wipes provide the best cleaning power available, for wet cleaning, dry dust and dirt pick-up, as well as floor cleaning. The J-Cloth®3000 is also known for its compostability and biodegradability, for the greenest clean possible.

Europropre will also be an opportunity for Chicopee to showcase its newest innovation. In fact, it’s so new; it doesn’t even have a name. Visitors to Europropre will beta-test ‘Project P’ – a revolutionary, nonwoven microfiber cloth. Project P is a strong competitor in the microfiber cloth market. Its special design allows for dry cloth cleaning of fat and dirt stains. Everything, from glass display cabinets to iPhone screens can be cleared of grease and dust in one dry wiping. And Europropre is the perfect venue to test the cloth, as Project P is perfect for both industrial cleaning and consumer use.

Well-positioned partners

At this year’s fair, Chicopee will be highlighting their special partnership with French company Distribution Matériel Européen (DME). Part of the FILMOP International company, DME produces high-quality cleaning accessories and trollies. DME is well known in the industry, and produces a line of accessories that form a perfect match with Chicopee’s range of floor wipes.

As DME’s stand will be positioned close to Chicopee’s (stand C34 D33), the two companies will be able to highlight their special partnership, and show the full potential of these quality products. DME’s accessories and Chicopee’s floor wipes form the ideal combination for fast, simple and complete floor cleaning.

Sales innovation

And speaking of potential, Europropre will be the setting for Chicopee to highlight some high-potential opportunities of our own.

At Chicopee, we don’t save all our innovations for our products. We are also constantly striving to improve our internal strategies and organisational structure to take full advantage of every opportunity. That’s why we’ll be introducing two new Sales Representatives: Tristan Bauer and Boris Delimage. While Europropre visitors are getting to know our products, Tristan and Boris will be getting to know our audience, and immersing themselves in the renewed and improved Sales strategy in France.

Among the stars

Europropre is yet another opportunity for Chicopee to take its place among the most innovative and environmentally aware companies in the cleaning industry. By highlighting our special partnerships, high-quality products and rejuvenated sales strategies, Chicopee will continue to be recognised as an industry leader and a highly desired partner in the market.

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