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Chicopee Develops the Best Cleaning wipe on the Market

Unique 100% microfibre wipe outshines the competition.

Chicopee® Europe, a division of PGI, has developed the ultimate cleaning wipe. DuraDry® is the only wipe on the market that outperforms the competition in all the important areas: cleaning, hygiene and cost. No other wipe can claim excellence in all three areas.

Best clean

DuraDry’®s 100% micro-fibre composition ensures the cleanest clean. The splittable fibre construction gives more surface area with which to clean. Even wet, DuraDry® absorbs more moisture, quicker than any other wipe. DuraDry® also promises ‘Dry-at-once’: a streak-free clean, so the wipe is perfectly suited for use on stainless steel (Inox), glass or mirrors.

Best Hygiene

DuraDry® has Food Contact Clearance (FCC) from a leading German test institute. It is safe to use in all food preparation areas and will not transfer contaminants, even when it comes in direct or indirect contact with food. The wipes antibacterial properties significantly restrict bacterial growth. And DuraDry® fulfils HACCP standards for safe cleaning.

Best Price

DuraDry® is durable and can withstand the demands of the Food Service industry. It can be washed up to 365 times and still retain its cleaning capabilities and hygienic performance. Because of this, DuraDry’s cost-in-use is significantly lower than other wipes.

Although all of Chicopee®’s products offer superior cleaning and hygiene, the DuraDry® wipe is the most effective and complete wipe we’ve ever created.