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J-Cloth® 3000 Wins in Poland

At the Eurogastro 2014 International Food Service Trade Show, the J-Cloth® 3000 took home the price for ‘Best Product: Wipes and Detergents’. The price celebrates the J-Cloth® 3000’s superior cleaning capabilities and marks a successful entrance into the Eastern European market.

This was the first time Chicopee was included in the Eurogastro event – the biggest Food & Service trade show in Poland. Chicopee introduced the jury to the J-Cloth® 3000, the only biodegradable, compostable wipe on the market. The J-Cloth’s combination of environmental sustainability and ultimate cleaning power emerged victorious.

Moving east

Mike Verhagen, Sales Manager, explains the strategic vision. ‘Part of Chicopee’s growth strategy includes expansion into new markets,’ he says. ‘Market research shows that the time is right to introduce Poland to our range of hygienic solutions.’

And winning the prize at Eurogastro 2014 was an excellent introduction. The recognition put the J-Cloth® 3000 in the spotlight among the top Food Service companies in the country. What’s more, Polish Master Chef (and Chairman of the Jury) Robert Sowa presented Chicopee with the award, thereby giving his endorsement of its effectiveness and environmentally friendly characteristics.

Addressing needs

Each time Chicopee enters a new market, we do extensive research to uncover the specific needs of that region. In Poland today, paper and cloth wipes are still most common in the Food & Service industry. ‘We know that we can help the Polish market achieve better clean and better hygiene, more cost-effectively,’ Mike explains.

In addition to the biodegradable, compostable J-Cloth® 3000, Poland is also being introduced to the Lavette Super, the hygienic, open-weave cloth with both Food Contact Clearance and antibacterial properties. And the amazing DuraDry® – the only cloth that consistently dries to a streak-free shine and excels in three areas: clean, hygiene and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, the Polish market is impressed with the unique Coffee Towel – a favourite of baristas for its ability to keep coffeemakers clean and free of bacteria. ‘Part of Chicopee’s strength as a brand is our ability to address the specific needs of each geographical region, and each niche market,’ Mike says.

Celebrating success

Chicopee celebrates the recognition from the Eurogastro 2014. ‘I’m very proud of this award, and for what it represents for us as we continue to expand in Poland,’ Mike says. ‘The recognition and exposure the award gives us is the perfect beginning to our presentation of hygienic solutions in this new market.’