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Chicopee Introduces New Cleaning Cloth Specifically for Baristas

Unique design ensures hygiene, proper maintenance and great coffee taste

Every day, Europeans drink an average of 1 billion cups of coffee. And more than 30% of those cups are served in restaurants and coffee bars. But how can baristas ensure that their coffee machines are clean and can produce the best tasting coffee possible? Chicopee has the solution. A wipe specifically designed to clean coffee machines.

Why a specific wipe for coffee machines?

Europe’s 2 million professional coffee machines make use of a steam wand to provide the warm, frothy milk that makes professionally made coffee so delicious. But that steam wand – and the milk – provides a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. The machine itself, and the steam wand, must be clean and free of coffee grounds and other debris in order to produce the best tasting, freshest coffee possible.

The Chicopee Coffee Towel is heat resistant to up to 250°C, and is proven to be stronger than many traditionally used cloths, whether used wet or dry. It can be machine washed multiple times without losing its cleaning properties, thus providing great value for money. Its unique weave structure is 30% more durable than other wipes, and absorbs moisture up to 9 times its own weight.

Food Contact Clearance and HACCP approved

As importantly, the Coffee Towel has received Food Contact Clearance from the German test institute ISEGA. This means that the cloth is safe to use in food handling environments, which is key for almost all coffee bars serving cakes & sweet treats. In addition, its unique orange color helps ensure adherence to HACCP standards for safe and effective cleaning.

Cleaner machines, safety on the job

Proper cleaning of professional coffee machines reduces malfunction and ensures a longer machine lifetime. The Coffee Towel’s heat resistant properties and superior cleaning capabilities mean workers can do a thorough cleaning job in seconds, without risk to their own safety and comfort.

The specifically designed Chicopee Coffee Towel is the best way to ensure clean, clog-free machines and fresh, delicious coffee. It is a cost effective way to fight bacteria and maintain safe and simple cleaning practices.