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Tomorrow’s FM Microfibre Light

The European Centre for Disease Control estimates that on average, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) cause 37,000 deaths in the EU each year1, from an estimated 4 million cases reported annually across the continent1, with the indirect financial losses estimated to be €7 billion per year1.

Clostridium Difficile, also known as C.Diff, is one of the most well known HAIs. Most commonly found in people who have been treated with antibiotics, C.Diff affects the digestive system, causing symptoms from diarrhea to painful cramps, but can also lead to life-threatening complications.

However, many of these infections are preventable and by implementing a coordinated and tightly controlled cleaning system, using well-chosen and effective solutions, even the lowest estimates predict that at least 20%2 of HAIs are preventable.

Chicopee’s Microfibre Light cleaning cloth, which has been developed specifically with the healthcare sector in mind, can help achieve this.

Manufactured using patented APEX® technology, the cloth has an excellent 3D structure, is manufactured from 100% splittable microfibres and has been externally tested to show removal of 99.99% of spores and bacteria from surfaces3, especially C.Diff which is very chemically resistant.

Microfibre Light is made from millions of microfibres that can sweep dirt and bacteria away. The fibers are synthetic and many of them attach themselves to each dirt speck. The dirt stays locked inside the cloth’s fibers until you rinse it out4, so HAIs, and in particular C.Diff, will not be spread.

Chicopee is at the cutting edge of a new breed of Microfibre cloth. Lighter in weight and engineered for the task at hand, they offer all the same great cleaning effectiveness and 99.99% microbe removal. Designed for short-term use and therefore without the need to launder and often with increased effectiveness on sensitive surfaces.

Using Chicopee’s Microfibre Light can help reduce HAIs, the impact on patients and the associated costs.

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Tomorrow’s FM/Cleaning – December 2015: