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Duster Plus – Tack

Easy to use and excellent dust pick-up

No amount of dust can escape the innovative Duster Plus wipe. Duster Plus wipes are specially designed with a pressure-sensitive tackifier, a gluey substance on the wipe that traps dust effectively without leaving residue on surfaces or on your hands. The wipe also features a unique open structure that captures the dust in the wipe and keeps it there.

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  • Normal dry wipes don’t capture the dirt and dust particles but just whirl them around, resulting in bacteria spreading
  • Nearly all known micro organisms can be found in dust and find it nutritious, almost 80% of all dirt in buildings is dust
  • Tack based wipes often leave residue and marks on a surface or hands after wiping, causing sticky surfaces and hands


  • The wipe features a unique open structure that captures the dust in the wipe and keeps it there preventing dust and dirt to be spread
  • The Duster Plus wipes have an excellent dust pick-up to remove all dust, dirt and lint particles from the surface, leaving a perfect dust-free surface
  • Duster Plus is user friendly and ideal for any surface without leaving residue on surfaces or your hands

Technical Data

Art No. Description Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type
73158 Duster Plus Yellow 43 x 36 cm 25 12 1/4 Fold


  • iconantistatic

    Anti Static

    Anti static properties for ultimate cleaning results
  • iconsiliconefree

    Silicone Free

    Avoids the contamination of surfaces
  • dust-pick-up

    Dust Pick Up

    Does not leave dust or fibers on wiped surfaces

Color Options