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Veraclean Cartex Solvent Plus

The ideal solvent wipe for degreasing

The ultimate wipe for use while solvent wiping, Cartex Solvent Plus is highly resistant to solvents, and is extremely hard-wearing, making it the perfect solution for pre-paint solvent wiping jobs, the removal of UBC, and paint overspray. The open, coarse structure of Cartex Solvent Plus ensures that contaminants are trapped and contained.

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  • Many solvent wipes leave solvent extractables behind on the car body or surface in combination with solvent
  • Normal wipes often cause static electricity when used on a surface, causing a dangerous situation in a critical environment where highly flammable solutions are very common
  • Low cost lighter weight solvent wipes lack bulkiness and will not pick-up contamination from the surface


  • Cartex Solvent Plus is solvent resistant and has very low solvent extractables, even with the most aggressive solvent, making it the ideal wipe to prepare surfaces prior to entering the paint process
  • Negligible static Cartex Solvent Plus wipes ensures your safety while delivering the ultimate solvent wipe for the removal of grease and surface residue
  • The unique and bulky structure of the Cartex Solvent Plus ensures that contaminants are trapped and contained

Technical Data

Art No. Colour Size cm (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type
76203 Beige 43 x 31 cm 50 8 1/4 Fold
76204 Beige 61 x 32 cm 50 8 1/4 Fold
76205 Beige 61 x 53 cm 40 6 N Fold


  • iconantistatic

    Anti Static

    Anti static properties for ultimate cleaning results
  • iconsiliconefree

    Silicone Free

    Avoids the contamination of surfaces
  • iconcleaningagents

    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent

Color Options

Product Name


76203, 76204, 76205
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