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VeraClean Polish Plus

Supple and delicate wipe for polishing and critical tasks

Veraclean Polish Plus is a soft and durable wipe that works perfectly in critical environments, ensuring that no sensitive surfaces are scratched. Veraclean Polish Plus works well in cooperation with most solvents and chemicals. The wipe’s high absorbency makes it very efficient for removing excess polishing paste.

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  • Low cost wipes and rags with an inferior quality have the risk of causing scratches on surfaces
  • Excess polishing paste or sealant on a prepared surface may not be totally removed by low absorbency wipes or rags
  • Woven microfibre wipes that are washed often contain heavy metal or other particles after washing
  • Other polishing wipes can not always be used in combination with solvents or chemicals


  • Polish Plus is extremely soft making it perfect for critical environments, ensuring that no sensitive surfaces are scratched
  • It also has a high absorbency making it perfect for removing excess polishing paste and sealant ensuring a smooth and spotless finish
  • Specially designed for short-term use, the Polish Plus is extremely soft and supple making it suitable for the most delicate polishing functions
  • It is also resistant to most solvents and chemicals making it an ideal wipe for the most critical jobs

Technical Data

Art No Colour Sheet Size (LxW) Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case Product Type
74101 White 34 x 32 cm 100 8 1/4 folded
74104 White 43 x 50 cm 500 1 M-fold
74138 White 61 x 53 cm 50 8 N-special


  • iconantistatic

    Anti Static

    Anti static properties for ultimate cleaning results
  • iconsiliconefree

    Silicone Free

    Avoids the contamination of surfaces
  • iconcleaningagents

    Solvent Resistant

    Fully compatible with your choice of solvent

Color Options

Product Name


74101, 74103, 74104, 74138
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