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Hygienic cleaning in QSR’s (Ishus ApS – KFC Denmark Franchisee)

DuraDry beats the competition on performance, hygiene and cost


As one of the owners of a franchise business operating five KFC stores in Denmark, Bjartmar Trastarson understands the strength of this good name. His family-run business, Ishus ApS, has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with KFC, running stores in Denmark for 30 years, with plans to open two more in the near future.

Although this is a franchise business, liaising with the KFC head office in Germany, Mr Trastarson has buying power in a number of areas; one of which is cleaning materials. Until recently the company was using ordinary cleaning cloths, similar to the ones bought in a supermarket, but these have been inadequate for the rigours of a busy food retailer. They were not durable, often leaving pieces of fabric on surfaces compromising food safety, and were not available in the colours required for correct food safety procedures.

The Solution

Chicopee’s DuraDry 100% microfibre cloth is designed specifically for the food services sector. It is the only microfibre cloth on the market that offers Food Contact Clearance as well as antibacterial properties, developed to significantly restrict bacterial growth.

Available in a range of colours to aid identification and with a unique structure, DuraDry is safe to use in all food preparation areas and will not transfer contaminants, even when it comes into direct contact with food. DuraDry’s unique splittable fibre construction provides a microbe level of capturing all those unwanted germs and locking them in the cloth. DuraDry is perfect for any surface, from glass and stainless steel to laminate, offering a fast dry-at-once, streak-free clean. The 100% microfibre cloth also absorbs more moisture, faster than other wipes – even when wet. With an extensive lifespan, maintaining its cleaning capabilities and hygienic performance even after 365 washes at 90º, DuraDry delivers excellent value for money.

The Results

Ishus ApS had a two-week trial of the DuraDry cloth and was delighted with the results. The company now uses DuraDry to clean all areas throughout its five KFC stores.

Ishus ApS has the cloths in four colours – blue, yellow, green and red – making it easy for staff to implement a co-ordinated food safety standards regime throughout. DuraDry’s unique splittable fibre construction with its antibacterial properties has made sure surfaces are hygienically clean and streak-free.

Members of staff are pleased with the exceptional results achieved, with overall cleanliness improved and visibly cleaner stores, they appreciate having a product they can use with confidence.

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