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Colour coding ideal solution for allergen control

Magee Street Bakery There’s more to great tasting coffee than just a good roasted bean. Allergen control also plays a vital role, especially as more and more people cut out dairy and turn to soya milk. That’s why Magee Street Bakery uses Chicopee’s Coffee Towel for cleaning the steam wand on the coffee machine.


Magee Street is an independent artisan bakery and coffee shop in Northampton. Adhering to time honoured artisanal standards and using only the finest natural ingredients the shop bakes all its own pastries and cakes and creates wild yeast sour dough breads. It also offers full flavoured and satisfying hand roasted coffee.

As part of the bakery’s cleaning regime one single cloth was being used for all the tasks, including wiping the steam wand and clearing up spillages. With an increase in the number of customers requesting soya milk, and the associated concerns about allergen control, the bakery wanted to find a more hygienic solution for all the company’s cleaning requirements, particularly the coffee machine.

The Solution

Chicopee’s Coffee Towel is available in orange and purple, allowing for different coloured towels to be assigned to dairy and soya milk. The uniquely coloured towels are easily distinguishable when used as part of a HACCP cleaning regime, which makes it easier for members of staff to effectively manage hygiene control.

The Chicopee Coffee Towel is the world’s first cleaning towel designed specifically for coffee machines, and addresses the unique challenges faced when cleaning the hot steam wand. It provides the necessary protection for members of staff as it is heat resistant up to 250°C for at least 14 seconds, when used damp and folded twice.

It also has an open weave structure and superior wet strength for fast absorption and excellent milk removal.

Additionally it is easy to rinse, ensuring it remains cleaner for longer and can be washed up to 40 times at temperatures of 90°C, with no loss of performance. It is also externally certified by the leading German Institute for Food Contact Clearance, meaning it is safe for use in all food preparation areas.

The Result

Alexandra Jones, owner of the Magee Street Bakery, noticed several benefits with the Coffee Towel.

“The Towels work really well as a visual aid for allergen controls. There is a growing trend of people requesting non dairy. It is great to be able to advise them that we are proactively controlling allergens. They also help our staff manage hygiene more effectively. Chicopee Towels are really easy to use and it is a huge advantage that they are machine washable. We can wash and then re-use the towels time and time again without their performance being affected. I would definitely recommend them to others,”

Alexandra added. Following the success with the Coffee Towel, Magee St Bakery also now uses the heavy duty multi-purpose Lavette Super to clean spillages from the coffee machine, as well as to clean up crumbs on bakery counters.

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