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Colour coding helps set new standards

Read how an international company, providing catering and facilities management services across a range of industries and public sector organisations, raised hygiene standards and improved staff awareness by switching to Chicopee’s specialty cleaning products.


Jan Strejcek is tasked with improving quality and hygiene at Sodexo in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For a long time there has been a problem in the food industry, as the re-use of traditional cloths falls short of the highest hygiene standards.

As hygiene manager Mr Strejcek knew that these traditional cleaning materials did not produce the level of quality needed in a catering environment and their use could lead to cross contamination, as well as spreading bacteria on surfaces. He was determined that Sodexo should reduce those risks by sourcing products to meet the specific challenges faced.

The Solutions

J-Cloth® Plus is the pioneering disposable catering wipe. It has a unique, open, wavy texture that enables efficient pick-up of small dirt particles. It is easy to rinse and fast drying, reducing the risk of bacteria growth on the cloth, and lightweight enough to be disposed of after a shift

The durable Lavette Super, like its smaller brother the J-Cloth® Plus, has a unique open structure to maximise dirt pick-up and efficient absorption. It is also quick drying, remaining cleaner and fresher for longer, and with the addition of an antibacterial activity, it helps reduce bacteria levels on the cloth over time – great for situations where a more durable wipe is needed Microfibre Plus is a 100% Microfibre cloth, designed by Chicopee specifically for the foodservice sector. It is designed to provide excellent results on glass, stainless steel and touchscreens and cleans quickly and thoroughly, leaving no streaks. It also has proven anti-bacterial properties and is the only Microfibre cloth to also achieve EU Food Contact Clearance quality.

The Results

Sodexo uses Microfibre Plus and Lavette Super in blue and yellow. It also uses the J-Cloth® Plus in red to meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) coding requirements, outlined below.

The red J-Cloth® Plus is used for high-risk cleaning such as in the preparation of raw meat areas; the yellow Microfibre Plus cloth is used in the serving area alongside the yellow Lavette Super, which is also used in the kitchen; and Microfibre Plus and Lavette Super in blue are used in customer facing areas, such as the restaurant

Sodexo has reported easier management of the sanitation processes due to the colour coding system, with the cost-effective cloths and wipes providing impressive results. Mr Strejcek also found that following the introduction of the new Chicopee products, staff awareness of food safety has been heightened – an unexpected additional benefit.

Sodexo is now able to deliver the perfect service encompassing its aims to achieve the highest health and safety standards for its clients.

Mr Strejcek said Chicopee cloths and wipes brought high quality and uniformity across business operations. “It’s important to identify and provide the same high quality service across all our sites and the use of Chicopee wipes and cloths helps to do this, providing continuity across our business.”

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