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Uniray Doo starts working with Chicopee

Uniray doo was established in Serbia 2002, as a distributor of cleaning cloths and wipes to the industrial sector.

General manager Aleksandar Mijajlovic was a long-term admirer of the Chicopee brand, so was delighted when the opportunity arose for his company to become a distributor of the Microfibre Plus, Lavette Super, J-Cloth Plus and Coffee Towel products to supermarkets and leading cleaning supplies providers.


There are long-standing problems within the food service industry in the region with the re-use of traditional cleaning cloths. Not only do many outlets use low cost, inferior cloths, these products are then re-used, resulting in them falling short of the high hygiene standards required.

Managers do not realise that even after laundering, cloths retained levels of bacteria which can be spread onto the next surface to be cleaned. Rather than using premium quality materials, with anti-bacterial properties, many prefer to use a single low-cost sponge for cleaning all areas.

Another challenge facing distributors is the economic situation in the region – particularly in rural areas – which leads to customers choosing cheaper, low quality brands. Many choose not to invest in a product that can deliver a higher quality clean.

The Solution

The Chicopee brand enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality and safety, combining high quality products featuring unique properties with great value for money. The products’ anti-bacterial properties, food contact certificates and superior cleaning power make them an extremely attractive choice.

“In September 2016, Uniray doo began working with Chicopee to distribute its products throughout the food service sector in Serbia.”

The team invested a significant amount of time and energy in changing attitudes towards cleaning habits and hygiene, and persuading purchasers that colour-coded wipes are not simply a marketing tactic but represented a straightforward way of avoiding cross contamination and maintaining cleanliness.

As a result, more food service managers began to recognise the importance of using products which could achieve a higher standard of cleaning and hygiene, with a distinct shift in attitudes towards food safety.

The Result

Uniray doo has become an official supplier of the Microfibre Plus, Lavette Super, J-Cloth Plus and Coffee Towel, with customers in Bosnia, Montenegro and in Serbia. with the first order already finalised. Customers include Lilly Drogerie, a major supplier of cleaning products and cosmetics with more than 160 stores. The Microfibre Plus and Lavette Super were the first products supplied into 150 of the company’s outlets at the end of February.

Mr Mijajlovic commented: “I can confidently say that Chicopee microfibre products have been well received by many organisations within the region.

“Chicopee products are high quality, have unique properties, a distinctive look and a great price range, making them stand out from many other products on the market.”

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