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Europapier chooses Chicopee as a trusted supplier

Europapier Hercegtisak BiH has a well-earned reputation for supplying the highest quality products to its customers across Central and Eastern Europe. Offering a wide range of papers for many different purposes, Europapier was looking to add cleaning products to its range and teamed up with Chicopee, to help it deliver the best solutions at the most cost-effective prices.


The core business of the Europapier group is distributing materials for the printing and graphics industries. It is also one of the biggest distributors of office and school supplies, as well as gifts, packaging, visual communication products and hygiene solutions.

The company previously didn’t offer general cleaning products but noticed a gap in the market to offer effective specialised cleaning solutions for the hygiene problems being faced by a number of its customers.

Committed to delivering on its customers’ expectations, Europapier sought a trusted supplier of cleaning products to add to its already wide range of trusted suppliers, from Europe and beyond, that meet the standards of environmental responsibility expected by Europapier and its customers.

The Solution

Following initial contact at a trade show Europapier has developed a working partnership with Chicopee. The leading brand not only delivers on price and cleaning performance but also ensures all of its products are environmentally friendly.

With 40 years’ experience in providing high quality cleaning solutions, Chicopee has developed a range of quality nonwoven towels, cloths and wipes that bond natural and synthetic fibres to combine the best features of paper and textiles. This produces longer lasting products, helping customers to save money and reduce waste.

The Result

Europapier is now distributing a range of Chicopee products, including Microfibre Plus, J-Cloth Plus & Biodegradable version, Coffee Towel, Soft Wipe and Stretch ‘n Dust. By offering this wide selection of high quality products, Europapier is offering its customers specialised and effective solutions to address all their hygiene requirements.

Krunoslav Gali, product specialist at Europapier Hercegtisak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explained the benefits of the new partnership. He said,

“We’ve chosen to work with Chicopee as it is the best brand in the industry. The products we are distributing have all been chosen for their specification and price range, both of which appeal to our customers. The enthusiasm and effort put into this partnership by Vlastimil Nemec, Chicopee area sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe, and the support we are receiving from the whole Chicopee team has been above and beyond anything we expected. By working with Chicopee we have been able to strengthen our hygiene range and deliver the highest quality products to our customers from the world’s leading brand of cleaning materials. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

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