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A spotless image at Moscow Airport

Read how cleaning company Cristanval is making light work of glass and steel surfaces at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, thanks to Chicopee’s innovative new DuraDry Microfibre cloth

As one of the top five cleaning companies in Russia, Cristanval is well placed to meet the challenges of cleaning at Sheremetyevo, the largest of Moscow’s three international airports. Situated 18 miles north west of the city, this busy airport handles scheduled international flights to more than 200 destinations and has an annual handling capacity of up to 35 million passengers


Cristanval holds the cleaning contract for Terminal E, opened in spring 2010. This 76,000 square metre area can see up to 7 million passengers pass through every year and requires spotless levels of cleaning 24/7. Many of the surfaces are glass or steel and Cristanval manager Mrs Popova Galina was finding that the traditional cloths her team were using simply weren’t up to the job – particularly in the VIP area where first class standards are required. This meant the cleaning team was investing a lot of time and physical exertion on completing the tasks, something Cristanval was keen to resolve.

The Solution

Cristanval’s cleaning crew trialled sample packs of Chicopee’s new DuraDry cloth – a 100% Microfibre non-woven cloth manufactured using Avintiv’s unique APEX® technology. Its 3D structure ensures it is perfect for any surface, from glass and stainless steel to laminate. DuraDry provides a fast, quick drying, streak-free clean, which saves on cleaning time to give immediate superior results. It also absorbs oil and other more viscous liquid rapidly thanks to the unique fibres.

Strength and durability of the cleaning products was another feature that Cristanval was looking to improve on. DuraDry ticks that box by maintaining its cleaning performance even after 365 washes at 90˚C*. In addition, a range of available colours ensures that designated cloths are used for separate zones such as washrooms and food service areas, so that staff help avoid the risk of cross contamination. DuraDry is also the only microfibre cloth on the market to offer Food Contact Clearance combined with antibacterial properties, resulting in Cristanval having to adopt fewer cleaning cloths to cater for the entire airport area, further reducing costs and complexity.

The Result

DuraDry provides a fast and effective clean to ensure a low-profile service in this busy modern thoroughfare which operates around the clock. Manager Mrs Popova Galina has been delighted with DuraDry’s superior cleaning performance and is in no doubt that she would recommend the cloth to others.

“These wipes are excellent for cleaning glass and steel surfaces and we’re pleased with their strength and staying power”, she said. “They also help to create a good image in our VIP area”. DuraDry is helping to enhance Cristanval’s own spotless reputation by providing unrivalled performance, hygiene and value for money.

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